Reverse Sequence Algorithm for Syphilis Testing
Treponemal testing is increasingly being performed as the initial screening test for syphils, followed by nontreponemal testing for confirmationl. This method is the "reverse sequence" algorithm, outlined in this graphic published in the Fall 2022 issue.

STD Clinical Consultation Network
The National Network of STD Clinical Prevention Training Centers offers a consultation network. Licensed health care professionals and STD clinic staff members may submit a consultation request using this link. 

A Visual Guide to Choosing an Emergency Contraceptive Method 
Published in the Summer 2022 issue, this chart considers the many factors involved in choosing the best emergency contraceptive for an individual.

Treatment Algorithm for Hypertriglyceridemia
This algorithm, published in the Summer 2022 issue, outlines the steps to treating patients with hypertriglyceridemia ≥150 mg/dL fasting or ≥175 mg/dL nonfasting.

LG Health Monkeypox Vaccination Eligibility Guidelines
This website of the LG Health Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic allows providers and patients to review the eligibility guidelines for monkeypox vaccination at LG Health. Patients can also register for a vaccine appoinment via this link.

National Monkeypox Vaccine Locator
This CDC website offers a database of health care locations across the United States providing monkeypox vaccines. Individuals can search the database by ZIP code.

Resources for Burnout among Health Care Team Members
Ethically challenging cases contribute to burnout among medical professionals. This figure from the Winter 2022 issue offers resources to support members of the care team. Additional information on each resource can be found by searching the LG Health Starnet page.


Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health homepage

Active Clinical Studies at LG Health
Complete list of active clinical studies at LG Health; organized by specialty — To make a referral to any study on the list, call the LG Health Research Institute at 717-544-1777.

LG Health Research Institute Clinical Studies
Includes studies enrolling participants in both specialty areas (non-cancer) and cancer research

LG Health Continuing Medical Education

Pennsylvania Board of Medicine CME Reporting Form

Lead-Free Families Initiative at LG Health

Lancaster Medical Heritage Museum