Issue: Summer 2012 Vol. 7 - Issue 2
Scientific Reports
The Role of Targeted Therapy in Cancer Treatment
–Sara Harchark; Marina Moskalenko; Sebastian Bernardo; Meera Sivendran, M.D.; Yvonne Saenger, M.D.; Shanthi Sivendra, M.D.
By exploiting the unique metabolic pathways or genetic mutations of many cancers, targeted chemotherapy has the potential to avoid the dose-limited toxicity of conventional shotgun chemotherapy and is ushering in an exciting new era for cancer therapy.
Lung Cancer Screening with Low-dose CT Imaging
– Edgar Fearnow, M.D.
Computed tomographic scanning to screen for lung cancer is proven to be more effective than conventional x-rays but raises concerns about cost and radiation dose. New developments in low dose CT promise to dramatically alter the cost/benefit ratio and will be introduced here shortly.
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– Paul H. Ripple, M.D. and John H. Bowman, M.D.
The specialty of ophthalmology has its roots in antiquity and has changed in fascinating and remarkable ways. This article from the Edward Hand Medical Heritage Foundation discusses those changes as part of a series on the history of medicine in Lancaster County.
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Update on Project Access Lancaster County (PALCO)
– T. Raymond Foley, M.D. and Lisa Riffanacht
Project Access Lancaster County continues its remarkable success in providing health care for low income and uninsured people in our community. This article describes its continuing development and progress in coordinating a network of volunteer health care providers, clinics, and hospitals.
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From the Editor's Desk
And This, Too, Shall Change: The Medical College Admission Test, and More
– Lawrence I. Bonchek, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.C.
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Perspective from the President and CEO
Changes in Healthcare are Inevitable

– Thomas E. Beeman, PhD, FACHE
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Medico-Legal and Ethical Matters
When Medical Devices Fail, Who Pays?
– Christopher O'Connor, Esq.
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Top Tips from Family Practice
Top Tips from Family Practice: Dental Xrays, Testosterone and Bone Density Tests, Cervical Cancer Screning
– Alan S. Peterson, M.D.
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